Weekend Happenings

Here it is, Sunday night(as I’m typing this, not as you are reading it) and I’ve got a cup of Haagen Dazs Gelato tabled on my baby bump and Housewives of New Jersey playing  in the background. No complaints here.

My husband and kids are having a backyard camp out so it’s just me and Baxter in the house tonight. I would have joined them but being that I have to work in the morning and have a baby residing in my stomach, I decided it wasn’t exactly the best sleeping conditions.

Before moving on, let’s just talk about the Gelato for a sec.

My recommendation is that you hightail it to the store and purchase some immediately. This Gelato isn’t just good, it is so beyond that. Creamy, rich and delicious! So rich that I had to limit myself to a half cup serving. I’m not mad about it though because that means I have enough to last me for the next several days!! A pregnant womans dream!!

Now that we have that matter of business taken care of , we can cover the rest of the weekend. Priorities, people!

On Friday, I hit the 32 week mark in my pregnancy. Of course, that requires a bump selfie to document it. While I haven’t blogged about my pregnancy on a weekly basis, I have continued to take pictures and I’m so glad that I have.

Apparently 32 weeks is when my nesting decided to kick in. I have come up with quite the list of items that I feel the need to knock out around the house. Because of that, a trip to Home Depot was in order. Now, I just have to find the energy to follow through with all these projects, like painting and sealing all the grout in my house. Fun times in the Riley household!

Saturday I worked from 9:00-1:00 so that took up most of my morning and early afternoon. I know it is only four hours but on the days I work, I just seem to have a really hard time managing my time and being productive. I think it must be a mental thing. I mean, I did manage to tackle a couple of loads of laundry and prepare a tasty dinner so I guess that counts for something. Right?!

That dinner by the way, is definitely worth mentioning. I made the Mix and Match Mama’s hamburger stroganoff and paired it with some baby peas and roasted cabbage. It was the perfect meal to go along with the nice Fall weather we had this weekend.

I ended the night snuggled up on the couch with all three of my babies. My kids love pulling up my shirt and placing their hands on my belly waiting for their brother to kick. I love to see the amazement on their faces when he moves. As excited as they are for him to arrive, I think they are going to miss this belly of mine. I know I will.

Sunday started with my usual cup of coffee and the cool weather outside made it even better. I have been craving cooler weather like most pregnant women crave food. I am more than ready for Fall weather to be the norn around here!

Even though I wasn’t much in the mood for exercise I pushed myself to complete a video anyway. It was a short but effective Jessica Smith prenatal video which I actually enjoy quite a bit.

As easy as it would be to skip my workouts right now, I know that they are still really important for my body. I’m certainly not pushing myself too hard but being active does make me feel better. Plus, I am hoping to have a VBAC birth this time and I know that endurance and a strong body will only aid in that.

Not only that but my backside has all but disappeared this pregnancy. Let me be honest here, I didn’t have a whole lot to start with but I am definitely moving into mom butt territory. Say it isn’t so!!! It looks like I will be hitting the squats hard after I can get back to a normal workout routine once the baby is born.

Sunday afternoon, my kids and I decided to get a little creative. Well, as creative as it gets in my house. I will be the first to admit, I suck at crafts. I’m not very artistic and I don’t exactly love the messes that paint and glitter leave behind. Still, I decided to be “fun mom” for one afternoon and we got busy making some homemade Halloween decorations. Who knew that painting rocks could be so much fun?! This is one art activity I will keep on repeat!

Are you a fan of Gelato? What is your favorite brand?

What is your perfect weather temp? For me, it would be 75 and sunny!

 Crafty? Yes or no?



Friday Favorites: 10/10/14

Pretty much today is my favorite because well, it’s Friday! Even though I have to work tomorrow I still can’t help but get excited about the weekend. I think it must have something to do with my little family being home with me!

Today is not all that I am loving though, so I’m going to throw some of my other favorites your way while also linking up with Heather at Housewife Glamour.


Housewife Glamour


  • Bacon

Because how can you not LOVE bacon! I’m not just talking any kind of bacon either. I’m talking the real, pork kind of bacon. Funny thing though, I don’t even like pork. Unless it’s bacon. On my last Costco trip I found a three pack of nitrate free(sort of good for you) bacon and I have enjoyed it every weekend since. I just used the last pack so I guess that means it is time to head to the store…..

  • Jennifer Garner’s Baby Bump

You may or may not have seen her Ellen interview but it made me love her more than I already do. No, she isn’t pregnant again but she is embracing her “forever” baby bump after giving birth to three kids. Hey people, it’s true, not everyone pops back to six-pack abs and it is A-OK!! Embrace your beautiful body and move on!


  • Pumpkin Stuff

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Last week I said I was over the pumpkin trend already but that is before I went to Trader Joes’s. Can I just tell you, it is Pumpkin Palooza up in that store. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cereal, pumpkin crackers, pumpkin yogurt, pumpkin butter. That stuff, I can take or leave but the next couple items, I just had to have.

Pumpkin Body Butter. Y’all. You will want to slather this over every inch of your body and sit around smelling yourself all afternoon. Dramatic much? I don’t think so. It really does smell that good.

Pumpkin Dog Treats. I said I was over pumpkin flavored foods but my dog is just getting started. He loves these things!!


  • Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Relief

My best friend Stephenie turned me onto this product a few weeks back and it is amazing. It turns a regular bath into a spa like experience. Being pregnant, I definitely get my share of aches and pains but 20 minutes soaking in a hot tub with this stuff makes a world of a difference. It also makes me verrrrry sleepy so I tend to use it right before I’m ready to go to sleep at night. Try it. it’s life changing, I promise!

  • Honest Tea K-Cups

Honest Tea reached out to me recently and asked if I would like to try some of their new Organic Iced tea K-Cups. Since I’m just a bit obsessed with both my Keurig and iced tea, I jumped at the chance. Here in Texas, iced tea is pretty much a staple in the beverage department. Sweet tea, unsweetened tea, black tea, green tea….take your pick but we love it! Personally, I prefer green tea with a little sweetener while my husband is all about the black tea, totally unsweetened. You can see how this might cause a little “issue” in my house when it comes to brewing up an entire pitcher. Because of that, I tend to not make it as often as I would if we could both agree. Problem solved with these K-Cups. I simply brew myself a refreshing glass of green tea and add my sweetener of choice and then he can stick his pod in and enjoy his boring unsweetened black tea. We both win and that is Honest-Tea refreshing!! Like my play on words there? ;-)


So there you have it, a few of my current favorites! Tell me, what are you loving this week?

Bacon. Do you prefer pork, turkey or vegetarian style?

Iced Tea. Green, black, sweetened or unsweetened?

Bumpdate: Week 31

Technically, I am just two days shy of 32 weeks but I’ve never been a real technical gal so we shall just go with it. I made the decision not to continue with weekly pregnancy updates because they were kind of….. well, boring but I figure since it’s been a while this one might be a bit more interesting. After all, it has been almost 12 weeks since my last one and I can guarantee, lots has changed with my body since then! I’ll probably post a few more throughout the remainder of my pregnancy but I’m not going to make it a weekly thing.

Let’s start with a comparison photo.

I’d say, that is quite a difference. I went from barely having a belly at 2o weeks to being ALL belly at 31 weeks.

Size of baby: It depends who you ask but I’m going with my “What to Expect ” app today. Baby is approximately 3.2 pounds and 18 inches in length. They compare his size to a head of lettuce but I sure haven’t seen a lettuce that large. Sheesh!

Weight gained: Since I had my Dr appointment today(where I didn’t even see her due to a baby being delivered) I have an official number. Currently I am up 17 pounds which puts me right on track for a 25 pound weight gain. That is pretty much in line with my last two pregnancies, give or take 5 pounds either way.

Workouts: Most days of the week I walk about 30 minutes around my neighborhood. I walk my kids to school and after I drop them off, Baxter and I like to continue to get our exercise on. I also try to squeeze in a couple of days of upper body weights using five-pound baby weights. It isn’t much but it keeps me active so I am happy to still be doing something these days. Let me tell ya, even walking is hard when there is a baby sitting on your bladder non-stop.

Symptoms: Oh boy. I have a list for you!! Tail bone pain. Round ligament pain. The constant need to pee. Emotional(includes being crabby with very little patience). Gassy. Acid reflux. Being full after I take two bites but feeling hungry five minutes later. Pregnancy brain.  I’m in full on pregnancy mode, y’all!!

Food Aversions: I’m doing pretty good here. At this point, I don’t have any real aversions but nothing sounds exceptional either. I’m getting to the point of being over food.

Food cravings: Again, I haven’t been super over the moon about any particular food. Though, I did pick up a container of almond butter today because it is the ONE thing that has been on my mind food wise. Yum!!! I think I know what tonight’s dessert will be.

Sleep: I sleep pretty soundly except for the need to get up to use the restroom multiple times per night. Fortunately, I fall back to sleep pretty quickly but this three times a night business is getting excessive.

Belly button in or out: I still have an inny! It has gotten much more shallow but that thing was pretty deep to start with. I don’t think it will ever be an outie but who knows, maybe it will get close to flattening out. If so, that means my belly has gotten HUGE!!!

Looking forward to: My next Dr. appointment. Like I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t able to see my Dr today because she got called out to deliver a baby. I get it, because that might be me in a couple of weeks but it still sucks to sit in a Dr’s office for an hour just to be told that you would only see the nurse today. Pretty much, I peed in a cup, had my blood pressure taken, listened to the baby’s heartbeat and was sent on my way. At least I got a lunch date with my husband out of it!