Random Thursday Thoughts #6

How is everyone this fine day? Good, I hope!

Since it is Thursday, it’s time to get all random on the blog. Not that it isn’t random most days but today we make it official. ;-)

1. Today I have a much-needed hair appointment. When I say much-needed it is more for my sanity/self-esteem than my hair actually needing to be done. I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to beauty and hair but this girl needs to liven things up a bit. I have found myself feeling a bit “blah” about my looks so this is sure to make me feel better! I mean, doesn’t fresh hair always do that to a girl?!

2. Did you know that today is take your daughter/son to work day? I was tempted to keep my kids home with me today so that they could help me clean all day. Oh wait, it doesn’t work when you are a Stay at Home Mom? Darn. It also doesn’t work when your husband works for a company that distributes adult beverages either!! It looks like our kids are stuck going to school instead! But really, does anyone actually TAKE their kids to work on this day? I sure don’t know anyone who does.

3. I have this silly app on my phone called, “Photo Age”. It is seriously the worst app in the entire world. Well, sometimes it is the best, especially when it lies and tells you that you look 24! I would be happy about that except the picture I took right before this one, told me I looked 46. WTH?! I’ve learned the tricks though. If you tilt your head, it automatically makes you look younger and if you look straight on without a smile, you look older. To think I actually payed a $1.00 for this thing. At least my kids like it. Even if it does tell them they look 21.


I’m lucky to be mistaken for 30 these days!

4. Incline walking has become my new go to workout, especially on the treadmill. I can walk on the treadmill without getting super bored but running, I don’t enjoy it as much. With incline walking I turn the incline up to 1o-15, depending on how hard I want to work and set the speed between 3.5-4.o mph. If you don’t think it sounds tough, give it a try. I promise you will be sweating and your buns will be on fire when you are done!!

5. I keep seeing everyone with such pretty manicures lately and for the first time in my life, I kind of want the same. Maybe I am finally growing up and ready to kick the nail-biting habit. Until I get stressed out, that is. I really do think I am going to give it a shot. I find myself getting embarrassed when I shake hands with someone or get asked to see my wedding ring. I never cared before but since it is starting to bother me, I am thinking now is the time to make the change! Not to mention, nail-biting is just GROSS and I am a germ-a-phobe so it only makes sense.

6. Unless you have been living under a blog reading rock, you must have seen the posts for Belvita breakfast cookies and Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt, right? All I have to say about that is most of these blogs are a day late! We have been eating that combo up in my house for months!! For real though, my husband eats that combo almost every weekday morning for breakfast. It is easy, it is tasty and I think it does a good job of kick starting his day. Don’t worry, I’m not getting compensated or anything but I thought it was funny that it really is the norm in our house!!


And that is all for today folks!! If I am going to call it Random Thoughts Thursday, it only makes sense to stop on a completely random number, right?!

And now I am off to get ready for that much-needed hair appointment!!

I’m also linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons today.  To check out more Thinking Out Loud posts, head on over to her blog and get your reading on!!



What do you think about my random thoughts for the day? Leave me a comment and let me know!

What I Ate ON Wednesday

Hey there!!

I am coming at you today with another “What I Ate Wednesday” post but this time, the food really was eaten on Wednesday, rather than Tuesday. There is no real reason for it other than my complete and total lack of planning. But don’t you think it kind of makes more sense anyway….to post the food you ate ON Wednesday?!


Anyway, let’s get started!!

This morning after I had my cup of coffee and got my kids off to school, I headed out to a local walking trail(it’s pretty much a paved circle slightly less than .25 miles around) to exercise in the gorgeous weather. This time of year it is almost torture to hit the treadmill. Anyone else?

My workout looked like this:

Power walk one lap

Step ups(10 per leg on a park bench)

10 incline push ups

10 bench dips

I repeated that for a total of 8 times and it took me about 30 minutes. It was moderate in intensity but an enjoyable workout, nonetheless!!

All of THAT to say that I was starving and more than ready to eat by the time I got home.


I was craving protein(sooo odd for me) and went with it. I scrambled up one egg and two whites, added a tiny bit of feta cheese and salsa verde and ate it atop a piece of whole wheat bread. Delicious!! I also snacked on a Cutie while the eggs were cooking but there is no picture of that.


For lunch, I like to keep things pretty simple so I hit the fridge for some leftovers. I made a batch creamy avocado and back bean enchiladas last night so I decided to reheat one of those and serve it alongside a mixed greens salad. The salad was boring(but it got some veggies in me) however, the enchilada was not! I created this recipe based on another one I had made once before but the addition of the creamy avocado sauce took it to the next level. One of these days, it is a must share!

Not long after I finished my salad and enchilada I still found myself hungry so I snacked on some hummus and wheat thins. Finally, my tummy was satisfied!


When my kids come home from school at 3:30 the first thing they want to do is eat a snack. I swear, they come home famished acting as if I didn’t send a lunch with them. The truth is, they probably get too busy talking to actually eat the lunch I send.  Really though, I don’t mind because it has also become my snack time! Since I had savory foods at lunch time my buds were craving something on the sweet side.

A vanilla Chobani topped with some thawed raspberries and mini chocolate chips hit the spot. It’s just too bad the container wasn’t bigger. ;-)


Don’t you just love when you find a website that makes it easy to find delicious ideas for supper? Even better if the meals are somewhat on the healthy side. At least to me! Well, Skinny Mom has become that website for me. I discovered it about a month ago and so far I have been pleased with just about everything I have tried.

Tonight was Skinny Veggie + Turkey Meatballs served with marinara and noodles. Ummm, ummmm, ummmm is all I have to say about that!!!


I’m still up in the air about whether or not I need a night-time snack. I’ve told myself I really need to cut them out because honestly, it has become more of a habit than anything. I find myself going for one even if I’m not hungry and I did have a pretty large dinner. Ahhhhh, I think I’ll skip for tonight but I can’t promise anything tomorrow!!


Where do you find most of your recipes? Do you prefer to use actual cookbooks or websites?

Do you like to exercise outside or do you like to keep it inside?

Anyone else whose kids come home ready to eat the entire pantry in the afternoons?


Playing Catch Up {Easter and Weekly Meal Plan}

I had every intention of sharing our Easter weekend yesterday but when I went to get my camera, I realized it was nowhere to be found. After searching high and low, I finally remembered that it was in my husband’s car and he was long gone to work by that point. Instead, I just read about everyone else’s fun weekend instead!

Since I am a day late here I will keep it short and just say that I had a wonderful weekend, spent in Houston with my great friend, Carmen and my family. After 10 years of living elsewhere, her husband’s job finally brought them back to Texas and it was such a great weekend of celebrating friendship and Easter!!

Here’s a little peek into my weekend with pictures.


Sleepy head with her basket!

Ready to hunt!

The search is on…….

Liam found the golden “prize” egg. Money, money, money!!

Camryn was more than happy with her candy filled eggs!

The kids made a delicious strawberry cake decorated with peeps and jelly beans. They did a better job than I would have, I guarantee!

Weekly Meal Plan

We ended up getting back from our weekend trip in the late afternoon and I was exhausted(not to mention it was pouring rain) so I held off on my grocery shopping until yesterday. I have to say, shopping during the week is actually SO much easier than fighting the weekend crowd. I may have to make that a habit….just like meal planning!

Monday- Chicken Rice Casserole

Tuesday- Back bean and corn enchiladas with side salad

Wednesday- Skinny Chicken Fried Rice

Thursday- Skinny Veggie Meatballs with marinara and pasta

Friday- Leftovers or a quick dinner such as pizza


I don’t have any thought provoking questions for you today, but feel free to leave a comment. I love those! :-)