What I Ate Wednesday: Am I Getting Enough Protein?


I said yesterday I would be back today with a What I Ate Wednesday post and well……here I am!

Let me start off by thanking Jenn for the link up, where it makes it easy to take a peak into many food filled days. Always lots of fun!

And now, let’s get started with what I ate yesterday.


My morning almost always starts off with a cup of coffee(half-caff) these days yet I almost never snap a picture. Mostly because I am tired and cranky and the last thing I want to do is interrupt my love affair with that beautiful cup of Joe! Let’s just say, I am not afraid of the creamer. Two tablespoons every morning. Yep, I love the stuff.

About 30 minutes to an hour after coffee comes breakfast. Yesterday it was in the form of two Kashi waffles topped with blueberries and Agave. I am digging this combination right now, especially with blueberries being so sweet and juicy right now!


After cleaning the bathrooms in my house, taking my dog for a walk, bathing the dog and walking on the treadmill I was in need of a snack and a quick one!

Around 10am I helped myself to a serving of olive hummus and veggie straws. I cannot get enough of this hummus right now and would have no problem spoon feeding it to myself. But I don’t. I mean, I try to be a lady…..sometimes!



My morning snack held me over for oh….10 minutes so by the time 11:30 rolled around I was getting HAN-GURY(Angry hungry). It didn’t help when I talked to Lance on the phone and he told me he was having Mellow Mushroom for lunch. Damn. I wanted pizza, too! Instead, I settled for a turkey/bacon/cheese/spinach sandwich and a side of carrots. It was good but I could have and probably should have had two. I mean, it was on a 100 calorie sandwich thin for crying out loud.


Fast forward to 2:30 which is the time I got home from picking my kids up at camp. I stopped at Sonic and got them a happy hour slush along with cheese sticks and a grilled cheese sandwich. I got nothin.’

Instead, I had a bowl of cottage cheese and pineapple which was actually just what I needed. The protein did a decent job of satisfying my hunger so it was a win-win and held me over until my next meal.


We eat dinner fairly early in my house, usually by 6pm. Last night was even earlier because Camryn had guitar and we had to leave the house no later than 6:15. It’s a good thing I had salsa chicken going in the Crock pot all day because it made dinner a breeze to throw together. I threw some veggies in a skillet, sauteed them in olive oil, salt and pepper, added some leftover cilantro lime rice and called it a meal. A pretty darn good one, too!

Sorry, my plate looks pretty gross but this was after I had already started digging in. I had done so good at snapping pics all day, I didn’t want to leave this one out. Even if it looks less than appetizing.


My daughter hates McDonald’s food, won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. Unless, it is their apple pies. For some reason, she loves them. It has become a tradition on Tuesdays to stop after guitar and buy her one as a treat. This evening was no different except this time, I got myself a chocolate dip cone, too. Oh my goodness. talk about delicious! Maybe it’s because  am pregnant but I will be getting a repeat on that next Tuesday myself.

While I am happy with my overall day of eating, I think tomorrow I am going to try to add some more protein into my meals, earlier in the day. I find myself getting hungry shortly after eating and I think the lack of protein may be the culprit. The only problem  is that protein isn’t my favorite thing right now. But hey, a girl can certainly try. It might be better than having a rumbly tummy……and wanting to reach for junk. Like Doritos. Or pizza. Or Ice Cream. Nah…..ice cream is always a good thing!

What is your favorite meal of the day? Mine is between breakfast and dinner. Unless I am meeting a friend, then I say lunch because you get the gdod food and the social part of it.

What time do you eat dinner? Early like me or later in the evening?


The Pressure is Off

If you have followed my blog for any time at all, you probably aren’t shocked that I have no real blogging schedule. Sometimes, I get on a kick and will post every day for a couple of weeks and then there will be weeks where you only hear from me once or twice. Currently, it seems I am on the “not very often” schedule.

For too long I worried about posting something just for the sake of posting. It didn’t matter if the content was crap or if I was drawing straws to come up with a topic. Pretty much I was following the blogging masses and thankfully, that is not my concern anymore. If I get a new follower, trust me, I am ecstatic but if I continue to have family and friends read, I am okay with that, too. It takes the pressure off, ya know!

Just as a heads up, this is probably what you will see posted if you happen to click back over here anytime soon:

  • Bumpdates. I’m pregnant and it’s kind of hard to ignore. Besides, I loved reading these when not pregnant so I figure someone else might, too.
  • Food posts. I like to eat. Always have and always will. Of course, being pregnant magnifies my love of food so you can expect to see me participating in What I Ate Wednesday or maybe even post a yummy recipe if I come across one that I really love.
  • Day in the life stuff. My job is Stay at Home Mom and while it may not be exciting to some, it is what I do on a daily basis. My family and friends are a big part of my life so it’s fun to share what is going on!
  • Pregnancy info. See bumpdates. I may also be inclined to talk about my workouts while pregnant, maternity clothes favorites or who knows what else that goes along with it.

This list is certainly not all-inclusive but for those who cannot decide if they would like to read or not, I hope this helps you out!

And with that, I am signing off for the day and will see you back here tomorrow for another fun, What I Ate Wednesday post!!

Oops, one more thing! I missed my 20 week Bumpdate last week. Sad. But no worries I will combine it with week 21 and get ya all caught up.


What types of posts are you favorite to read? I definitely prefer a sneak peak into the lives of other bloggers. If I want informative stuff, I will pick up a book or head to Google!

The Bumpdate: Week 19

Note: This was supposed to post on Saturday night but for some reason it didn’t. Got to love technology!

Eeek! I am running a couple of days behind on getting this up but I have a good reason! I’ve been busy planning a birthday party sleepover for Camryn. In reality, it should be quite easy. Invite some friends, buy some food. Eat cake and take the girls to the swimming pool. However, two days before the party, Camryn got Swimmers Ear(goodbye pool party) so I had to get creative with some activities. It all worked out in the end and now here I am…..watching my daughter turn NINE and doing it all over again.

Now that I have made that perfect transition into talking about this pregnancy, let’s get to it!!

How far along: 19 Weeks

Sorry about the poor iphone picture quality. But hey, you get the idea!

Size of baby: This week baby is about 6 inches and 8.5 ounces. In the fruit world, he is the size of a Mango! He’s growing, that’s for sure!

Weight gained: Honestly, I am unsure this week. I am hoping it is between 6 or 7 pounds but it could be more because my appetite has been out of control this past week. I am afraid to get on the scale so I haven’t. I know I am going to gain weight during pregnancy but that doesn’t make it any easier to see the scale creep up a couple of pounds at a time. Ignorance is bliss. At least for another 18 weeks or so…..

Workouts: I have been staying active but for the most part my workouts are low to moderate intensity. A few dog walks this week, along with a couple treadmill walks and two toning videos. It’s better than nothing, that’s for sure. At this point, the workouts just make me feel better, even if I know they aren’t doing much physically.

Symptoms: Other than a growing belly?! Sheesh, as I type this my skin feels SO tight. I am scared to see what 40 weeks will bring! I’ve also been feeling lots of little kicks which I love!

Food Aversions: Chicken is grossing me out this week. Actually, all meat in general is not appealing. It’s a good thing I stocked up on the veggies at the grocery store today.

Food cravings: At this point I feel like I should be asking what am I not craving? It’s not like I must have any one food in particular but I am hungry all.the.time. I could stuff my face all day and not feel full.

Sleep: Let’s just say, it’s time to invest in a maternity body pillow! I am currently sleeping with three pillows. One for my head, one between my knees and behind me, to keep me from rolling onto my back. I have woken up to numb hands a couple of times and it was from sleeping on my back. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

Belly button in or out? It’s in and should be for quite a while!

Maternity Clothes: Of course! My friend gave me a few new items this week to wear once Fall gets here and I was pleased as punch about that. I am going to buy as little as possible because I am more excited about buying clothes I can wear long-term after the baby gets here. From here on out, I will be nixing this question as I think maternity clothes are a given.

Looking forward to: My 20 week sonogram is finally just around the corner. I will get to see this little boy in action on Thursday. Yippee!!