A Sweet Weekend

I hope all the dads in your life had a wonderful Father’s Day!!!

We tried to make it special for Lance and I think we succeeded. He is a pretty easy to please guy though, so it is never to difficult to impress him.

After opening some homemade cards from the kids(the BEST, by the way)along with a pocket hose(my son picked that one out ;-)), and a golfing gift certificate, I got busy making him some breakfast.

Thanks to a craving that Courtney has been having, all I had on my mind for his Father’s Day breakfast menu was pancakes. Kodiak Cakes to be exact!! I have heard so many great things about this particular brand of pancake mix from multiple bloggers so I finally gave in and purchased some.

All I can say is holy YUM!!! And no worries, Lance liked them as much as I did!! As you can see I also whipped up some turkey bacon and eggs to go along with them. Gotta get that protein in!!

Later in the afternoon, with a little help from me, Camryn and Liam got busy making Lance a tie shaped cookie cake.

Thanks to this recipe on Pinterest, it was topped with the most incredible homemade icing ever. Never again will I make a cookie pizza and not use this icing!!

We also ended up spending the evening at our friends house and enjoyed a delicious dinner, courtesy of them. I didn’t get around to taking any pictures but it was quite the fabulous meal. As always. They are the best!! :-)

As much fun as I had indulging in our “sweet” weekend, my body was pretty much screaming at me for a sweaty cleanse. I had limited time in my workout room this morning so I hit the treadmill for a solid 30 minute incline walk and it was no joke. If anyone ever said walking wasn’t a good workout, than they were just a big liar. For real! I alternated the incline between 9 and 15 and was huffing and puffing the entire time.

Gotta love a good sweaty selfie, right?!

Since we were heading to the old neighborhood this morning, I promised my kids I would stop and get them their favorite treat. Boba!!

Ah, how I miss that delicious Boba. However, it is probably a good thing, for my wallet and my waist line that there isn’t one near by now. I didn’t get myself one but I did sneak a sip of two from Camryns cup.

Just when I thought I was getting sad over my decision to not get my own Boba, I spotted a Seattle’s Best Coffee drive-thru. WHAT? They don’t have those in my current city so I didn’t even know they existed!!

The menu was tough to choose from but I decided on a birthday cake latte.

You can’t regret your decision when it is topped with sprinkles. And don’t ask me how many calories were in this small size because I sure the heck am not looking it up. I would rather be oblivious since it is a once in a hardly ever treat!!

What was the best thing you ate this past weekend?

What is your cardio exercise of choice lately?

Have you ever tried a Boba? Do you like them or not?




  1. What’s Boba? I’ve never heard of it. Also, I’m dying to know what the homemade icing recipe was–but I don’t think the link is taking me there.

    Walking is awesome! Ever since having a dog, and taking him for daily walks, I’ve noticed a huge difference. It can be quite a workout!! At first I wasn’t paying much attention, but started noticing how hungry I was, or extra tired at the end of the day, and couldn’t figure out why. Well, walking an extra 3+ miles every day (and still doing my normal workouts) was really adding up!

    • mixitmom says:

      Thanks for letting me know the link didn’t work. It is all fixed now so you can check it out. It’s a good one I tell ya!! Not healthy but GOOD!!!

      • mixitmom says:

        Boba are tapioca balls. They are soaked which gives them their large shape and gummy consistency. I love them!!

  2. I love Kodiak cakes too, they’re really good and full of healthy whole grains. That is adorable that you and your cuties made a cake for your husband. And you take the best post workout picture I’ve ever seen! I can’t do that, I look like a drowned rat and a cherry mixed together (somehow) after exercising.

    • mixitmom says:

      The lighting is just good, lol!! I don’t really get red at all but a couple minutes after finishing up my workouts I sweat like a man. It is really pretty gross!!

  3. 9-15 incline?! You are awesome – that is tough!! I love that tie cake. What a cute idea!!

  4. Where did you buy the Kodiak cakes around here?

  5. I have heard so many good things about the Kodiak mix. I must remember to pick up some when I visit the states in September! Is it better than bisquick?

    Your tie cake turned out great! Lance is one lucky guy to have such a beautiful wife & children <3

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