Let’s Talk Tuesday: Getting Off The Fence

Welcome to another week of ” Let’s Talk Tuesday”!!


I am really thrilled to converse with you on this weeks topic which is all about “Getting off the Fence” and how I just took the leap!

I thought it would be fun to Mix It Up today and share with a video introduction! Feel free to watch it or feel free to skip on it over it, too!!

The very first blog I ever read was called, “Women on the Fence”, written by Erica Diamond. I randomly found her blog while browsing on the website, Modern Mom, created by Brooke Burke. Since that day, I have been a loyal follower and look up to her immensely. She is pretty much the reason why I decided to start my own blog!! The topics she writes about don’t always apply to me but even so I have always enjoyed what she has to say and what she contributes to woman as a whole. She is a girls girl and I love that!!

Anyway, she has started a movement called, “Getting off the Fence” and over the last couple years that phrase has spoken to me several times when it has come to a decision I have been tossing around in my mind. For me the question was:

Do I go back to work or do I go back to school once my son starts Kindergarten this Fall?

The truth is I wanted to go back to school but there were several issues holding me back.

1. My age

2. Money

3. I was scared to commit.

I had pretty much decided that I would go back to work part time so that I would still be available for my children until they are a little older. My husband and I both agree that it is important for our family to be able to drop our kids off at school and pick them up when they come home in the afternoon. It seemed like a great solution because I would still be able to contribute financially to our household without having to sacrifice time with our family.

However, after having many conversations with myself and my friends, I came to the decision that going back to school might be the better deicison. Even if it was a scary prospect, I knew it was something I really wanted/needed to do.

Going back to school not only means NOT contributing financially to our household but it also means spending a good amount on my education. As a stay at home mom, I have been used to spending money on my kids and putting myself last so this is definitely a new way of thinking. I also know that we may have to make some sacrifices now but in the long run it will be more than worth it.

God forbid something should ever happen to my husband, his job or my marriage(I don’t like to think that way, but I am a realist here!!) and I have to manage on my own. I want to make sure that I have a true skill set that I could use to support my family if that were necessary.

I also want to be a role model for my children and for other women. I want them to know that it is NEVER to late to start over. It is never too late to do what you truly want to do.

After being a stay at home mom for the last four years, I am so very ready to really use my brain again. I like to think that I am a fairly smart person but sometimes I begin to question that. You know the saying, “Use it or lose it”? I definitely feels that applies to me sometimes. It has been a good while since I have had to “use it” and I don’t want to lose it!!!

While I am nervous and a little apprehensive about going back to school, I am mostly excited to start this new adventure. This is a commitment that I look forward to following through with!!  It is one that will give me such a great sense of pride and accomplishment. And a pretty good paycheck, too!! :-)


Are you “on the fence” about something in your life?

Have you recently jumped off the fence? I would love to hear about it!

Do you have a college degree? What was your major?


  1. Congrats on the decision to go back to school! I’m curious to hear more about this certification/degree you are seeking–I don’t think I’m familiar with it. But in the meantime, this is very exciting news!! Good for you! :)

    • mixitmom says:

      I will be going to school to become a respiratory therapist. Basically, they treat patients with respiratory and pulmonary diseases. Most work in a hospital setting but many also go into medical sales at some point which is what I would like to do!!


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