It’s a Wrap

I cannot believe it is already December 16th! In just nine days we will be celebrating Christmas my friends!! If I hadn’t finished my shopping this weekend, I might be freaking out right about now. Actually, I’m not 100% done but close enough. Just a few little stocking stuffers and I can call it a “wrap”. Get it…..a wrap? I hope y’all are close to finishing up, too!!

This weekend was a busy one but since I got so much accomplished, I am not complaining.

On Friday, I made a stop by Trader Joe’s because I needed some items for a gift basket I am putting together. The Holiday treats were unavoidable and I placed a few in my basket. Out of my purchases, these Candy Cane Joe Joe’s are the most dangerous!! I don’t even like Oreo type cookies all that much but I keep going back to the pantry for these!


Well hello, blurry picture!

Saturday started with Camryn’s final cheer event. Football(local little league) finished up a month ago but between schedules and the weather, we were just able to get together to hand out trophies.


We met at CiCi’s to eat a little lunch and allow the girls to catch up a bit. Pizza is one of my “weaknesses” but CiCi’s doesn’t really count for me. It isn’t the best pizza(in my opinion) so I had no trouble sticking to a small salad and a couple small slices.

Afterwards, Camryn and I headed to Target to pick up a few things. We stopped in at Starbucks for matching Holiday cups!! She got a steamer which is milk with flavored syrup. She chose caramel and has been begging me for another one ever since. As for me, I went with the Caramel Brulee and I thought it was delicious!

Sunday didn’t start off on the best note. My adorable but annoying and mischevious Beagle, Ranger got out of the fence during his morning potty break. He dug through the dirt and made his escape. It was about 30 minutes before we noticed so he managed to get a good head start on us. It took nine hours but we finally tracked the little fella down and I am happy( I think!) to say that he is now at home, safe and sound!

In between searching for Ranger, I went out AGAIN to pick up the last of my Christmas gifts. I stopped in at Kohls and while I was there I saw the cutest Christmas shirts. I adore these!! However, since I wasn’t shopping for myself and because they didn’t have my size, I passed on them. Aren’t they the cutest though. I mean, two of my favorite movies!!

Which reminds me, I have yet to watch either of these movies this year. I’d better get on it!!

I also rocked a pony tail in public. Okay, I know what you are thinking. How is that anything note worthy?! For most people it is no big deal but when you have ears like mine, it is an act of bravery!! I kid….I kid!! But really, as a child I was made fun of for having “Dumbo” ears and that made me very self-conscious and caused my self-esteem to take a big hit. For many years, I LIVED for the day I was old enough to get them fixed. Fortunately for me, as I got older I realized that I didn’t care to put so much emphasis on what other people thought. I mean, come on, they are just ears!! Still, other than the gym, I rarely wear a pony tail in public. Until today. I wore it and honestly, I gave no extra thought to it the entire time I was out. I think it is safe to say that I am over my ears. They are now just another body part:-)

Daily Dose of Healthy

Full body weight workout

This treadmill workout x 2








What is your favorite food item from Trader Joe’s?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Do you have a body part you are/were self-conscious about? How did you get over it?




  1. I love those tshirts! They are favorite Christmas of movies of mine as well.

    Everyone has that one thing they are self conscious of, but I have to say…I do not think you have weird ears at all!! They are pretty perfect if you ask me ;-) I have tiny ears and have always been self conscious of them as well..I never wore ponytails to school unless it was for cheer or sports, etc. It’s so funny how we are all weird about certain things, isnt it?

  2. Still gotta get a few things! I always wait until the last minute lol.
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