Tuesday’s Top Five {Christmas Desserts}

I don’t know about you but when I want a treat, I want a treat!!! Browsing through Pinterest and even some blogs, I see all kinds of dessert recipes but some of them, I am very cautious to actually call dessert. Yes, they might be called a “cookie” but if it is low-fat, no sugar and filled with protein powder I all it gross. For real. I get why they are out there though. At this time of year, there are so many treats thrown at us that if you were to eat everything, and a lot of it, some major damage could be done to your waist line…..and your teeth!! But still, I would rather go for the real stuff, the good stuff and just practice portion control. And remember, if you have had your fill, it is always more than okay to decline. I think we forget that sometimes!!

For those of you like me, who like your dessert filled with decadent, naughty ingredients, I have compiled a list of the ones I would most look forward to making or tasting over the next couple weeks. After all, Christmas should be filled with joy and what makes us more joyful than a forkful of some sweet stuff!!!

My Top Five Christmas Desserts

*I tried my best to give credit to the original poster of the recipe so if  you click the link it will take you directly to the original source!!

1. Better than Sex Chex Mix – Peanut butter cups, caramel bits, marshmallows and chocolate=Heaven!!

2. Chocolate Raspberry Bars- Chocolate and Raspberry is my favorite flavor combo. No need to say more!

3. Crockpot Cherry Cobbler- I have made this before and it is one of my favorite dessert recipes, ever! Top if with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and I call it perfection. This will actually make an appearance at my house on Christmas day.

4. Rolo Cookies- This is a cake mix cookie so it doesn’t get much easier than that. I made these last year and we loved them!!

5. Mimi’s Sugar Cookies- Julie posted this family recipe last year and I have to agree, they are a cookie that should be made every Christmas. They are light, fluffy and have just the perfect amount of sweetness.

This is my photo and I promise, it doesn’t do it justice! Click on the link to get a much prettier picture from her blog. ;-)

What is your most favorite Christmas dessert?


  1. Those all look amazing!! I love peanut butter blossom cookies! I’m baking them on Sunday to give out (and eat!) for the holidays!
    Heather @ Run Eat Play recently posted…A Hair Mishap and 2014 GoalsMy Profile

  2. OMG that chex mix…!
    Matt @ Runner Savvy recently posted…Scenes From The Weekend and Weekly Running RecapMy Profile

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