Random Thursday Thoughts #5

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Well, hiiii there!

I have a feeling today is going to be a great one. I can’t say that I have any particular reason for it but the weather outside sure isn’t hurting matters. While currently it is drizzly outside, it’s a Spring drizzle! You know, warm-ish with just a light rain. Perrrfect weather for getting all snuggly on the couch with my dog.

Speaking of dog, let’s get started on these Thursday Thoughts so that I can introduce you to our newest family member!!

1. Meet Baxter, a Boston Terrier puppy and our newest family member!


So cute, right! Bless his heart, when Lance brought him home, he wasn’t doing so well. He was in a home where he wasn’t treated very nicely, was underfed and was running a fever. A trip to the vet and a few days of TLC got him into regular puppy mode. You know, feisty and full of energy. Thankfully though, not toooo much energy. He likes to snuggle a whole lot, too.

2. Who else around here is on Instagram? If you are, there is a #hashtag that you must check out immediately(or not) depending on your level of prudishness. Just remember that I warned you. #cockinasock. Yes, it’s for real and yes, I looked. It’s supposed to be an effort to bring awareness to testicular cancer but really, I think the men who participated were just looking for a way to show off their stuff.

3. Someone called me an asshole on Facebook yesterday and you want to know why? Because I offended them by saying that the people who used Snapchat were either perverts, cheaters or teenagers. Actually, I just agreed with another comment that stated it was for perverts and cheaters and then added the teenager part to her comment. Even though it was meant as a joke I still stand by my opinion that the majority of people who use that app are one of three but dang, I didn’t realize it would cause such a stink. I guess I should also add “easily offended” to the description of those who use it. ;-)

4. It’s no secret that I love Bethenny Frankel. Even though I have never met her in person, I just feel like I “get” her. I love her outspokenness, her sarcasm, her love for her girlfriends, her (non) dieting rules and her products. When I was browsing the aisles at Target, I came across her recently released Skinny Girl Bars. I threw them in my cart without a second thought. I’m happy to report that these are good. Real good!!


5. My husband and I need a date night. Stat. I seriously cannot even remember the last time we went out without the kids. It’s pretty ridiculous but it comes down to us not having a babysitter. Since my mom is coming to stay with us tomorrow(for Liam’s birthday on Saturday), I think it is time to take advantage and sneak out of the house. I’ve got a pretty great Groupon to put to use or maybe I could drag Lance to see Divergent!!

6. Interested in reading more random thoughts from more random bloggers? Yeah, me too! Head on over to Amanda’s blog to get your entertainment or to simply link up and share some thoughts of your own.




What forms of social media do you use? I am maxed out with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and sometimes Twitter. I have NO desire to join any others.

What is your favorite date night activity? Dinner, movie or something more unique? For us, it is almost always dinner. We are creative like that.



  1. Baxter is absolutely adorable! I love any/all bulldog type dogs, and especially when they’re puppies. Does he have the soft little pink puppy paw pads? Awwr gushing just thinking about it. And if you don’t mind, could you send some spring showers my way? I love rain in the spring time, but unfortunately all we’ve been getting is a lovely sprinkling of snow.

  2. Congrats on the new dog :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I can’t look up that hashtag on my work computer ;) haha that sounds so funny though!

  4. awww, Baxter is absolutely adorable!! :-)

    I just bought a box of the Skinny Girl Bars today and can’t wait to try them!

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