It’s Going to be a Good One

Well, hey there! I hope today is going to be a good one for you. I’m pretty sure things are looking up to be a mighty good one on my end!

I mean, how can it not, when you start your day with something this beautiful and tasty?!

I’ve been kind of picky lately on what sounds good for breakfast….the colder the better so homemade yogurt parfaits have been hitting the spot. This one included plain Fage Greek yogurt sweetened with pure maple syrup, fresh strawberries and a sprinkle of granola. Let’s just say, devouring it is a great description of how it was consumed. ;-)

Also on the agenda for today is a new to me class called, BodyVive? Have you heard of it? It is a Les Mills class and it is a little more low impact (I’m going with my third trimester pregnant friend!!) and uses balls, tubes and body weight to sculpt your body. It will be something fun and different to try and I am always up for that.

After burning some calories, we are going to replenish our bodies at one of my favorite local cafe’s called, The Shed. You may remember me posting about it before. In case you forgot, here is a little reminder of just how incredible (and large) their food is.

I can’t waaaaaait!!

Since we are on the subject on having a great day, let me just back up to yesterday because that one was a chart topper for my week!

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning so I was rushing around and feeling frazzled as I was trying to get out of the door on time. In the end, I had a few minutes to spare(I like to be early for everything so my “on time” is different from most other people’s) so I took a quick look at my Instagram. I noticed a notification from Dove on one of my pictures. It was actually related to a blog post I did just a couple of weeks back about learning to feel beautiful and loving my 36-year-old face vs my 26-year-old face.

In my private inbox, they sent me this little note that more than made my day!!

I have always respected the Dove brand because they are the face of “real” women and for them to reach out to me, to have read my blog and to comment on my picture just made my day. I mean, what woman doesn’t love to hear she is beautiful?! So, if Dove is reading this, thank you and thank you again for being the reason for my perma-smile yesterday!

After my appointment, my husband was able to meet me for lunch so that was certainly another reason to keep smiling. We don’t get to do lunch dates often so when we do, it feels extra special. Not to mention the food was pretty darn terrific, too!

We went to a little Mediterranean restaurant and they had a mix of Greek, Lebanese and Italian food. I started off with a salad and while it was simple, it really hit the spot. Again, cold foods are making me happy these days!!

That doesn’t mean I didn’t hit up the hot foods as well!I couldn’t possibly pass up the veggie pizza, fettucine alfredo and stuffed shells…..even if my husband had to push to my car in a wheel barrow. I kid, I kid……he only had to carry me instead. ;-)

What is going to make your day a good one?

Are you the type of person who loves to be early, on time or are you perpetually late?

And finally, make someones day today. Tell someone they are beautiful, for whatever reason!! And believe it….because they surely will, too!!!

I will start… are beautiful!! You are beautiful because you are a woman, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a giver, and of course, one of my blog readers! :-)

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