Weekend Recap: My 4th and a Fishing Trip

So, did you have too much fun this weekend? I told you on Friday that our 4th of July was going to be pretty low-key and I stayed true to my word. However, that doesn’t mean fun wasn’t had because it definitely was. Especially if you were a 6 and 8-year-old kid!

After a red, white and blue breakfast on Friday, I took the kids swimming because, why not?! We don’t have a pool in our backyard but part of our HOA fees include the use of the community pool and it is more than adequate for hot Summer days.

While we were at the pool we saw Lance drive by which meant he was home early! That is a plus any day of the week but on a holiday…..even better! The kids finished swimming and we headed home because swimming works up an appetite and I had the perfect Summer meal ready to be grilled and eaten!

While grilling up some burgers, we opened the “safe” fireworks I had picked up at Walmart earlier in the week. By safe, I mean no risk of catching oneself on fire or blowing off a limb. Ha!! The Pop-Its are fun but we had a few duds in the package which I guess that is to be expected.

Once the burgers were done and the poppers were gone, it was time to dig into an oh-so-delicous meal! We made the Maple Bacon Beer Burgers from Iowa Girl Eats and they were amazing!! The cheddar combined with the bacon and maple flavoring, seriously, best homemade burger I have ever had!! I also made up a side of pasta salad and deviled eggs.

Our bellies were only slightly stuffed after that meal! By slightly, I mean that I was miserable for the rest of the night. Hey, it happens. ;-)

Once the sun started to set, we headed over to our friends house to watch the local fireworks show and to let the kids experience some sparkler fun! I don’t know if they had ever used Sparklers before but they loved them. I think this was the last year that my “safe” fireworks are going to entertain them. From here on out, it looks like they are only going to want the “catch yourself on fire and blow off a limb” kind. I kid. They were very safe and had so much fun. This was definitely an Independence day they will remember for years to come. For me, too!!


Saturday everyone slept in a bit since we got home so late the night before. It was very welcome since that is such a rarity in my house!

After eating a little breakfast and some lounging around time, we decided to head to our nearby lake and let the kids do some fishing and duck feeding. They have poles and we don’t( I don’t know why, really?) so we set them up and let them wait….and wait…..and wait.

Sadly, they didn’t even get one bite. I think it probably was because they couldn’t stand to keep their poles in the water for more than a minute at a time before reeling them in.

Lance and I do plan to get some fishing poles of our own and make it a habit to head down to the lake this Summer for some fishing fun. Some of the best memories I have as a little girl are when I was fishing with my dad. Besides, I think it is fun to let your kids take their shoes off, grab a grimy little worm and just be a kid. Sometimes at home, I have a hard time with that because I don’t like messes but outside, I don’t mind as much!

On a healthy note, I managed to get two workouts in this weekend! One consisted of walking my dog while my family rode bikes around the neighborhood. This meant that my walk was more of a trot to try to keep up. I was pleasantly surprised that a verrrry slow jog felt just fine. I probably won’t continue to do it just because I think walking is safer for me at this point but it was nice to see that my fitness is still hanging on. Sunday, I walked 30 minutes on an incline and then did a full body prenatal workout. The legs portion was no joke because I am feeling it today. I love it, though!! Staying healthy for my family, baby and ME!!

And just because I love this picture, I will end my blog post with it today.Sweet little kids hands on my baby belly………

And like me, try to ignore the dirty kid fingernail. Boys!!

What is your favorite part of Independence day, other than the meaning behind it? The food, fireworks or just having an extra day off from work?

Did you fish as a kid? Do you still?

If you are or have been pregnant, did you workout during your pregnancy? Cardio, strength training or both?

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